IN Avatars 

The IN Avatar was my most recent avatar design project. Due to pending release, I can not show this openly on the web. Please click on the "IN Avatars" tab which appears below the "Avatars" tab in the menu bar above. It is password protected.

XD Avatars

I have been involved in the design of four Disney avatar systems in some way. The XD Avatar system was a smaller project I worked on a few years ago. While designing the XD Avatar system, I did a lot of art direction as well. Our goal was to create a light weight 3-D avatar to function on the web for XD products. We chose a graphic, hard lined texture style that used only web safe colors. This style choice would be easy for the outsourcing company to produce, light weight to process (due to no gradients), and appeal to our target demographic (8-12 year old boys).

We also chose to change facial features through a joint system rather than blend shapes. I worked with an internal team of about four, and with an outsourcing team to build the multitude of assets needed for the final product.  

Texture Style Exploration 

Head Shape Exploration 

Art Direction for outsourcing company 

Illustration by Gabe Carranaza